Styling Course2022. This year I was allowed to photographically supervise the styling course STY_WB22 of the AMD Academy Fashion & Design in Düsseldorf. Students decide to get a foot in the stylist life with this course. What does it mean to be a stylist? What kind of work is behind it? What aspects are important in this career? And above all, what does a shootingday look like? In their advanced training, the students each developed a concept for themselves in the role of a stylist, which they put into practice. I was allowed to put the most diverse concepts into practice with the "Location" group and to teach them about postproduction in the following weeks. The shooting was a complete success and my team gave full effort. Very different results with very different stories and emotions. It was a great pleasure to be a part of the course. I am very proud of the energy and the way the students did their styling. I wish you all the best on your way as a stylist!
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Concept & Styling: Katja Grebner
What Will I Be?
Concept & Styling: Elena Schatz
Sparkle of Life
Concept & Styling: Pauline Volke
Coffee Break
Concept & Styling: Fine Moeller
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Concept & Styling: Kyra Tue

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